Like you, Dave and I have heard the word leader defined many ways. Is it someone who inspires? Someone who stands above you? Someone who directs you where to go? Or is it something different?

With our combined talents and experience, our view of a leader is radically different. Dave and I want to lead you through your real estate transaction, listening to you, advocating for you, and taking your hand to show you the way. It's how we live our lives. 

Dave and I have had the privilege to work with brilliant and bright clients – ones who know us as people you can trust in this fast-paced market. We are knowledgeable Realtors who help you understand the process of buying or selling a home. Our fusion of both being honest guides for buyers, as well as being able to market your home for a quick sale, means we are able to help you in a comfortable way, so you can relax and enjoy the journey. 


Please, choose to make The Pinnow Team your Real Estate Leaders.